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Are you in search of your dream property? There are several different considerations when you are looking for real estate, school district…

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Auto insurance is a mutually agreed contract between you and your insurance company. It provides you an indemnity against the injuries…

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A cluster of small earthquakes that rattled the Bay Area, California in 2017 helped remind us that we live on the unstable ground. And yet, it is alarming…

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Umbrella insurance is an additional liability insurance. This type of insurance policy is planned to help…

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Business Owner Policy

Business proprietors have a lot to consider. From making a business plan, constructing a website, and hiring employees to develop a cyber-security…

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Surety Bond

A surety bond is a written agreement between three major parties; the surety, obligee, and principal.  The written agreement is a guarantee under…

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Oakhurst Insurance is a premier insurance brokerage that provides coverage for your business and personal needs. Our team of agents understands that insurance is a competitive industry. Our years of experience and strategic partnerships have helped us develop a list of insurance carriers and insurance programs. 

We want you to choose us, that is why we provide steadfast customer service to find you a comprehensive rate that will fit your budget and coverage needs. We understand the value of a dollar and we want to grow with your business or family.

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