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Business Owner Policy Insurance

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Business proprietors have a lot to consider. From making a business plan, constructing a website, and hiring employees to develop a cyber-security plan, and buying the right insurance coverage to protect your venture.

A business owner policy insurance is a great fit for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps the protection from all major property and liability risks in one package.

Business Owner Policy Insurance

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Business Owner Policy Insurance Coverage

A business owner policy insurance covers a company’s equipment and merchandise while also covering everything that a general liability policy covers. It covers equipment, furniture, and supplies in up to five separate locations, including rented and leased equipment.

A business owner policy insurance can cover into one convenient bundle:

Commercial Property Insurance

It covers losses to property from corporate p­­erils. It also covers office furniture, equipment, inventory, machinery, raw materials, computers, and anything else that is essential to business operations

General Liability Insurance

It covers a business legal responsibility for any danger it may cause to others up to the policy limit. In addition, it also covers attorney fees and medical bills for anyone injured by the company.

Business Interruption Insurance

It covers reimburses for loss of income if a covered disaster interferes with the successful operation of the business.

Who Need Business Owner Policy Insurance?

Small to medium-sized businesses need to meet criteria to be eligible for a Business owner policy insurance. When defining who is eligible for BOP, insurers consider factors that include the type of business, size of its primary location, class of business and revenue.

Premium policies for BOP are based on some factors, as well as financial stability, building construction, fire hazards, and security features.

Businesses that have following characteristics are ideal for those who need BOP:

  • Operate in a physical location, whether home-based or outside the home
  • The assets that can be stolen, including products, cash, furniture, and digital property
  • Are at a substantial risk for lawsuits
  • Employ less than 100 employees and have less than $5 million in sales