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Commercial Insurance

We can help you PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS with our personalized services.

General Liability

General Liability is a broad term that refers to a package of coverage and different coverage limits. Any commercial entity who owns or rents buildings manufactures goods/products or gives …

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Business Owner Policy

Business proprietors have a lot to consider. From making a business plan, constructing a website, and hiring employees to develop a cyber-security plan, and buying the right insurance coverage to protect your venture.

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Commercial Property

Commercial property insurance is one of the best coverage options available to businesses to protect their assets. Whether you experience a business loss due to a natural disaster, accident, or theft…

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Worker's Compensation

Do you know what happens when you suffer injuries at work? Can you think of its implications? Well, when workers suffer physical injuries at work, it leads to long-term and…

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Auto (Commercial) Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance can greatly assist in paying for repairing all kinds of physical harm to the vehicle you drive for business if it’s harmed by robbery, climate/natural occasions, or various impacts. It can likewise pay for claim costs related to mishaps, for example, restorative costs and lawful expenses. 

Umbrella Insurance

It is a type of liability insurance policy that provides coverage over and above the coverage that can be afforded by your general liability policy. For those who have already bought a commercial auto liability their umbrella commercial insurance will provide a coverage to these insurance plans as well.

Surety Bond

A surety bond is an agreement between three parties known as the principal, surety, and obligee. Surety bonds financially guarantee that a principal will fulfill a prearranged set of obligations to an obligee

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance is also known as professional indemnity insurance. This insurance provides protection to “advice and service” providing firms and individuals such as…

Employment Practice Liability

Many states and federal laws offer employees securities from discrimination and other discriminating workplace practices. The total number of employee claims has increased in current years, and…

Cyber Liability

 Cyber liability insurance is a method for getting rid of inadequate software providers and of holding people liable for doing their job activity correctly. Same as with some other…