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Motorcycle, Golf Carts, ATVs Insurance

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Whether you are a recreational motorcyclist or a serious cross-country rider, be sure you have the right insurance to meet your needs, requirements, and to protect yourself on the road.

In most of the states, motorcyclists are required to have simple liability insurance, which covers injuries to others or property damage that you may cause. Some liability policies also protect passengers but check the fine print if this type of coverage is essential to you. If you are leasing or financing a bike, you may also be required to purchase additional coverages.

The risks related with riding a motorcycle, it is a good idea to consider buying more than just basic liability insurance. It does not cover injuries to you or damage to your motorcycle in case of an accident. Collision coverage will pay for damage to your bike. A comprehensive policy will protect your motorcycle in case of theft, fire or vandalism.

Motorcycle, Golf Carts, ATVs Insurance

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What does Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Whether it is your main transportation or your weekend ride. It is important to make sure you and your ride are covered. In many states, some minimum coverages may even be required before you hit the road.

A motorcycle policy can help you protect your bike or scooter with:

Liability coverage

Your liability coverage will also cover a part of your legal costs if a harmed party files a lawsuit against you. Once again, the amount of your insurance will cover relies on the limits you choose when you buy your policy. If the cost of the claim is beyond the limits of your policy, you will handle paying any costs out of pocket for the other person’s injuries or damages. In other words, it may help pay for another person’s property repairs or medical bills if you cause an accident while on your scooter or motorcycle.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is a coverage which helps to pay for repairing or replacing your motorcycle if it is damaged by collision with another vehicle and/or object such as a tree or hurdle. If you are leasing or financing your motorcycle, collision coverage is usually required by the lender. If your motorcycle is paid off, collision is a voluntary coverage on your motorcycle insurance policy. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage helps pay to replace or repair your motorcycle if it is stolen or damaged in an accident that is not a collision. Comprehensive coverage is required for the damage which might be caused due to fire, vandalism or objects falling such as a tree falling.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage is part of a motorcycle insurance policy that helps pay for the medical bills or car repairs if you are hit by a driver who does not have car insurance.

What Does Golf Cart Insurance Cover?

Numerous people use golf carts for more than just traversing the golf course. They buy them to get around their own property, neighborhoods, or cities and with those uses, come more risks and a need to insure them. Depending on how someone uses a golf cart, where they live and the cart itself, they might need to buy golf cart insurance.

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

In states that need golf carts to have insurance, this is the coverage that is mandated. Bodily injury and property damage liability cover damages to others or their property that a driver causes while using the golf cart.

Guest Passenger Liability

This coverage gives a claim limit specifically for passengers injured in an accident. It is a coverage unique to golf carts, motorcycles and other vehicles covered under motorcycle insurance policies.

Medical Payments Coverage

This coverage is optional and pays for any medical bills of a golf cart driver or passengers in the event they are injured in an accident. No matter the nature of an accident or the number of vehicles involved, this coverage applies.

What does ATVs Insurance Cover?

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) can be unsafe for riders and those around them and it can be very expensive to replace if it is damaged, so proprietors should consider buying ATV insurance. If you want to ride in some places, for example, a state park, basic ATV insurance is even mandatory by law. Most insurance companies cover ATVs under their motorcycle insurance policies, but charges are normally lower for off-road vehicles. Also note that if your vehicle is referred to as a UTV, utility vehicle or side-by-side, it is considered as an ATV when searching for insurance.

Bodily Injury Liability

This coverage pays for harm associated with any other parties injured or killed in an accident associated with your ATV or off-road vehicle. It is also going to cover any legal fees which result from any litigation against the policyholder. In both situations, this part of ATV insurance is going to cover up to the claim limits of the policy. The limits of bodily injury liability are usually an amount per person and a total amount per accident, irrespective of the number involved.

Property Damage Liability

This coverage is related to bodily injury liability, except it pays for the cost of any damage an ATV driver might cause to another person’s property. This includes personal property as well as their home or yard.

Medical Payments

Medical payments coverage pays for any medical expenses incurred by those riding your ATV. It will cover things like surgeries, X-rays, a hospital stay and even transportation via ambulance.