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Personal Insurance

All types of Personal Insurance lines

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a mutually agreed contract between you and your insurance company. It provides you an indemnity against the injuries, damages and financial loss that you have to bear in the event of car theft or road accident. This indemnity and coverage come at a small price though, in the form of premiums that you are required to pay to the insurance company. 

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Classic Car

Classic cars are best defined as “fun-to-drive” vehicles that maintain or appreciate in value and are used primarily for pleasure. A classic car is not just any car. It is unique in its own way. Value is given to the car regardless of the age. It is your pride, passion, and joy and that means it is much more than just an ordinary car to you. Therefore, you need to protect it from various risks that might occur.

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Are you in search of your dream property? There are several different considerations when you are looking for real estate, like the school district, property taxes, the appeal of the neighborhood, and of course the end result. Do not ignore the financial implications of homeowners insurance as a major aspect of your overall investment. 

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Earthquake Insurance

A cluster of small earthquakes that rattled the Bay Area, California in 2017 helped remind us that we live on the unstable ground. And yet, it is an alarming fact that very few California homeowners have earthquake insurance, barely 10% to be exact. According to the state Department of Insurance, only 5% of renters have earthquake insurance.

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Motorcycle, Golf Carts, ATV

Whether you are a recreational motorcyclist or a serious cross-country rider, be sure you have the right insurance to meet your needs, requirements, and to protect yourself on the road. In most states, motorcyclists are required to have simple liability insurance, which covers injuries to others or property damage that you may cause.

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Recreational Insurance

Arey ou looking for recreational insurance? There are several different consideration when it comes to recreational insurance, ranging from camper vans to converted buses. Not a single person wishes to get into accidents. Still they happen anyways and that too without any warning. 

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Umbrella insurance is an additional liability insurance. This type of insurance policy is planned to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits. It also helps protect your assets and your future. 

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